While Ultra High Definition (UHD) is synonymous with 4K Resolution,
it also includes a range of features beyond Resolution, such as:
High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Color Spectrum, Immersive Audio and more.

These performance advances enable certified televisions, content and
other devices to fully replicate the richness of life’s sights and sounds, and allow
viewers to more accurately experience the content creator’s vision.

High Dynamic Range (HDR): Brilliant Brights, Deepest Darks

Dynamic range creates contrast in the images—the difference between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks. Images with high contrast can be shown with much greater clarity and detail. It’s designed to deliver an image that has greater details in the shadows and highlights.

Standard Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range

Wide Color Spectrum: More Lifelike Colors

Wide Color Spectrum (sometimes called Wide Color Gamut) allows for many more colors. See colors never before visible on televisions, such as the true red of a London Bus. In the current home viewing environment, only a portion of the colors visible to the eye can be displayed. Ultra High Definition with Wide Color Spectrum can more than double the range of colors that can be displayed, making the picture much more lifelike and much more akin to what is experienced in digital cinema.

Standard Color Spectrum

Wide Color Spectrum

4K Resolution: Four Times Sharper Than HD

4K supports resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels. That’s four times as many pixels as Full HD televisions (1920 x 1080). This increase in density adds striking detail, smoother curves and more realism to an image and allows larger screens to be viewed from closer distances without individual pixels becoming visible.

Low Resolution

High Resolution

Color Bit Depth: Natural Color Transition

The amount of detail used to describe colors. The higher the bit depth, the more natural the transition between colors.

Low Bit Depth

High Bit Depth

Frame Rate: Smoother Motion

The number of images shown for video every second. The higher the number, the smoother the motion and the more real-life moving images appear.

Low FRAME RATE – 24fps

High FRAME RATE – 60fps

Immersive Audio: Multi-Dimensional Sound

With Immersive Audio, sounds are perceived as coming from infinite points around and above the listener rather than just from traditional speaker locations. The result is sound that envelops the listener and enhances the viewing experience by more closely correlating sound to the action on and beyond the screen.

Traditional Audio

Immersive Audio